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The fastest PRP Procedure On the Market

2 spin cycles totaling 6 minutes!  Significantly faster than even most single spin inferior PPP systems on the market today.


Best Value

Highest volume of PRP gained with a smaller amount of blood drawn from the patient, yielding the lowest price point per ml of PRP available.


Highest Platelet Recovery

​Proprietary polycarbonate tubes reduces platelet adhesion that will occur from Polypropylene tubes, giving Purespin PRP® maximum recovery.


Highest Amount of Deliverable Platelets

Deliverable platelets are the actual volume of viable platelets contained in a PRP sample (significantly higher than its closest competitor).


Improved Patient Tolerance

Small volume of blood draw required.  Purespin PRP® has a hematocrit of less than 1%.  This reduction of RBCs allows for use of smaller gauge needles and less patient discomfort than other devices on the market.

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma is just that; itis a volume of autologous plasma that has a platelet concentration above baseline. Normal platelet counts in blood range between 150,000/μl and 350,000/μl and average about 200,000/μl. Because the scientific proof of bone andsoft tissue healing enhancement has been shown using PRP with 1,000,000 platelets/μl, it is this concentration of platelets in a 5-ml volume of plasma which is the working definition of PRP to

It's as easy as 1-2-3


1. Platelet Plasma Suspension (PPS)

Purespin PRP® can only be attained with refined processing of the Platelet Plasma Suspension (PPS).  The PPS is a unique blend of up to 98% of the circulated platelets suspended in a bath of plasma.  This blend of plasma and platelets is 99% removed from red blood cells. This preparation concept is unique to the Purespin PRP® System and is the first of a two part process.










2.  Final PureSpin PRP® Preparation

The second and final part of the process involves the concentrating of the circulating platelets that are suspended in the plasma. This creates a platelet buffycoat that is easily collected as Purespin PRP® within the provided accessory.












3.  PureSpin PRP® Collection

The Purespin PRP® Concentrating Device is specially equipped to concentrate and collect 7ml of Purespin PRP®. With careful design features and accessories Purespin PRP® is consistently prepared with resounding cell concentrations in a

completely closed processing chamber. Once this occurs the operator can adjust their concentrations by adding or removing platelet poor plasma to their desired levels.

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The fastest PRP Procedure On the Market